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About Us

Our Mission

– To help entrepreneurs build successful, thriving businesses –

A Brief History

Eazi-Apps was founded in 2012 by Zakir Daud. After successfully building and selling apps to businesses in Leicester UK, it was clear that they benefited from engaging their customers via their mobile devices. With almost 25 years of business experience and 8 years as a successful franchisor, Zakir set out to help entrepreneurs accelerate their entry into their own mobile marketing business. Appreciating the pitfalls and the associated costs of setting up a new business, Eazi-Apps provides their partners with the technology, training, branding and marketing materials to build successful mobile app businesses. The company has grown rapidly with partners in over 30 countries, supported by a core team of talented mobile marketing experts. Although the solutions are technology driven, the impact is very personal.

Eazi-Apps Today

In a few short years, Eazi-Apps has become a leading mobile app company training, supporting and helping partners globally. In 2016, Eazi-Apps moved to new offices with new training facilities and extra capacity to support the growing network. Today the team consists of talented, ambitious and fun people each bringing their own ideas, expertise and innovation.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”

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