The benefits of using promo videos

The benefits of using promo videos for app developers

The mobile app boom hit an all-time high last year thanks to the millions of products and services launched by over 12 million app developers. With so many apps available, developers and marketers have to develop new ways to increase download figures and stand out from the crowd. The recent introduction of promo videos by Google and Apple to their respective app markets has provided a range of benefits to developers. Here are some of the ways that promo videos can help you entice more consumers to download your app.

They tell the user more about your app

Although a written description is great for providing mobile users with all of the technical specifications of your app, a video can give a much more in-depth representation of the features that may be hard to describe. Even screenshots can struggle to illustrate the intricacies of the app but a short video can show it being used.

They create a more professional image

Even a 10-second video promoting your product can improve your brand image if done professionally. With millions of apps on the market to choose from, it’s important that your brand stands out to mobile users. Go above and beyond a basic description and selection of pictures by creating a professional promotional video.

promo videos

They can be shared

The ability to easily share videos through social media platforms and content sharing apps has revolutionised the digital marketing industry. Creating a short and captivating promotional video will allow you to utilise the power of these mediums and engage with a much wider audience.

They are easier to digest

There has been a large amount of research done on the benefits of videos as a form of media. Media consumers find it easier to digest information in the form of videos and imagery. Recent studies have also shown that promotional videos increase a user’s understanding of your product by up to 74%. This will increase the chances of them downloading your app.

They can show the being used

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are regularly updated with promotional and viral videos that show consumers using mobile apps. These types of videos create a sense of relatability amongst consumers by showing them your app in action. Promotional videos also create a perfect opportunity to utilise influencers and seek out endorsement.

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