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App Building Platform

Technical Experience Not Required!

You can build functional native apps without any coding skills. Within the app building platform, you simply select the features, add content and customize the appearance. The intuitive interface has been designed for anyone with basic computer skills.

Example Live Apps Giving You Instant Credibility

Creating a new brand and reputation can take years. As part of the Eazi-Apps network, you can show apps from almost every industry sector, giving you instant credibility. ‘Stand on our shoulders’ and let your customers know that you are part of an established and respected business.

Library of Beautifully Designed Templates

When you build apps, you can choose from a library of over 80 bespoke and beautifully designed industry templates. You can also start from scratch and very quickly pick and choose the features that are most appropriate for your customer.

Preview As You Build

With our online mobile and tablet preview tools, you can see exactly how your app looks in real-time. You and your customer can also preview apps on your own mobile devices before signing off. This doubles up as an amazing sales tool.

Too Many Sales?

If you have too much demand for your services, we can design and build apps for you. If your pipeline is too full or you simply want to focus on selling apps, it is always good to know that you have a backup team ready to help when you need it.

Mobile App Business Opportunity Mobile App Business Opportunity
Mobile Shopping Cart
Allow customers to order products/food
directly from their mobile device
  • Increase orders and bookings
  • Adds to the businesses bottom line
  • Increases repeat business
  • Order anytime anywhere
  • Integrated Order Management
  • Full payment integration

Shopping Cart

Mobile shopping cart with In-app payments

Mobile App Business Opportunity Mobile App Business Opportunity
Engaging Multimedia
Integrate music, video, photos and much
more into a mobile app for businesses
  • Integrate YouTube Channels
  • Add a music player for live streaming
  • Integrate Picasa, Flickr and Instagram
  • Add an in-app photo gallery
  • Synchronise Podcasts
  • Allow photo sharing with one click

Engaging Multimedia

Integrate music, video, photos and much more

Mobile App Business Opportunity Mobile App Business Opportunity
3rd Party Integrations
Power your mobile app with our powerful
technology partners and third party
  • Connect mailing lists with 3rd parties
  • Connect users via Social Networks
  • Integrate blog RSS feeds
  • News feeds from Twitter, Google and Facebook
  • Allow 3rd party ordering systems
  • Integrate reservations, e-commerce and more!

3rd Party Integrations

Powerful tech partners and third party integrations

Mobile App Business Opportunity Mobile App Business Opportunity
Loyalty Programs
Encourage new and repeat business with
our powerful mobile loyalty features
  • Mobile stamp card
  • Customise stamp requirements
  • QR coupons feature
  • GPS and proximity check-ins
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Easy and simple redemption

Loyalty Programs

Powerful loyalty features encouraging repeat business

Mobile App Business Opportunity Mobile App Business Opportunity
Push Notifications
Send out instant messages that popup
on the customers mobile device
  • Geo-location push notifications
  • Geo-fenced push notifications
  • Graphical offers with images
  • Free and unlimited sends included
  • High open and response rates
  • Drive additional walk-in traffic

Push Notifications

Geo target customers with Offers, deals and updates

Mobile App Business Opportunity Mobile App Business Opportunity
Dynamic Content
Allow users to interact with your app
seamlessly with instant updates
  • Instant app updates via CMS
  • One click calling
  • Turn by turn GPS directions
  • Include business information
  • Promote live events
  • Points of interest

Dynamic Content

Encourage interaction with dynamic content

Julian.B. – Eazi-Apps Partner

“The beauty of the platform and the technology is such that you can come up with something very powerful, very visual very quickly. That gives the client the confidence that we can get to something very sophisticated without costing a fortune.”

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