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Things to consider when promoting your app through social media

The power of social media as a digital marketing tool has been utilised for years within the mobile industry. As it stands, more than 62% of North Americans use some form of social media and a similar trend can be seen across the rest of the world. This, along with the fact that 80% of social media usage is carried out through mobile, is why so many brands are using things such as Facebook to appeal to more customers.

Here are some top tips to promote your mobile app development business, and the apps you create, through social media.

Facebook contest

There’s no better way to grab the attention of your target audience than by offering them a chance to win something. Facebook includes a feature that allows companies and organisations to set up online competitions. If you’re looking to generate more talk about your new release or you’re trying to create a spike in download figures after a recent update, setting up a contest can help. Offer your users a reward such as discount or free a subscription for following your social media account or downloading your own app.

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Media sharing platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have helped to forge a whole new category of digital marketing. Popular users that have developed a loyal following on leading social media platforms are now being paid by companies and digital brands to promote their products or services. While larger influencers have millions of followers, micro influencers will command the attention of a smaller, much more specific niche. Working with content creators to build awareness about your services or certain apps that you have created for clients is an effective way to harness the power of social media.

Regular posts

Many businesses maintaining a presence on social media fall into the same trap and fail to update their social media accounts on a regular basis. It isn’t enough to simply create a Facebook page or a LinkedIn company page and post sales themed posts. In order to engage with your audience, it’s vital that you regularly post relevant content and brand updates on your company’s social media platforms. Focus on sharing useful, helpful information to showcase your expertise and capability.

Pick the right platform

It’s important to extend your digital marketing strategy to as many avenues as possible but being smart about which specific social media platforms you use and the content you post can have a big effect on your success. For example, the majority of Snapchat users are below the age of 25 while LinkedIn is very business orientated.

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