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Top tips for branding your mobile app

There are around 12 million mobile software developers currently fighting for recognition within the app industry, making it difficult for new companies to break into the market. Branding has a huge impact on how well an app does when it is released. At least 40% of mobile users look for new apps using digital marketplaces such as the App Store, so it’s vital that your product stands out above the competition. Here are some top tips to create an eye-catching brand and maximise download figures.

Focus on what the user wants

Although this may seem like obvious advice, many developers make the mistake of treating themselves as the target audience. When you set out to create your brand and develop your app, it’s vital that you carry out effective market research and focus on the needs of the user. Looking at the branding of similar companies will give you a better idea of the type of graphics, tone and style you need to use when branding your product.

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Don’t rush the design

It can be tempting to rush through the marketing process in order to get your app on the market quickly but spending extra time on this important step will pay off in the long run. Plan out your branding process and dedicate time to each step so you can develop a clean and professional brand image that will attract more users.

Develop an eye-catching logo

Your logo is your company’s calling card and it’s what consumers will use to find your product in the App Store or Play Store. The subject of logo design could be talked about for pages but the important things to remember is to keep it simple and make it stand out. Current graphic trends include geometric shapes, ultra-simplicity and bright colours. Look at existing popular logos on the app market and see what they have in common.

Don’t be afraid to change

The process of developing a brand identity can be an arduous process if you aren’t able to look past your initial idea. Although you may have a great concept, it’s important that you don’t get bogged down and stuck in a creative rut. Whether you’re trying to find the right colour scheme or design a logo, think of every idea as a stepping stone and you will eventually find a concept that works.

Get professional help

Not everyone has the type of mind that can develop original branding ideas but that’s ok. If you have a great idea for a revolutionary new app but you don’t know the first thing about marketing, look for services or companies that offer professional branding solutions. Don’t let your great idea go unnoticed by the mobile app community.

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