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What Do Our Partners Do?

What Do Our Partners Do?

As an Eazi-Apps partner, you will be offering expert consultancy and advising businesses on their mobile marketing strategy. You will be asking questions to determine their needs and then using that information to select the best product or service for those needs.

Our Sales Training Courses cover our consultative approach. The main differences in the approach is that consultative selling focuses on pulling out information and then presenting solutions rather than just pushing solutions from the outset in a “show and tell” meeting.

The Eazi Sales Process

  • Generate warm and receptive leads
  • Meet your prospect and identify the buying criteria
  • Deliver a compelling presentation
  • Agree to build a demo app for their review
  • Gain commitment from client
  • Complete app and consult with Head Office
  • Head Office reviews and publishes to app stores on your behalf

You will be billing your customers directly. If you want, we can do all the graphics for you or even build and design the apps for you from start to finish.

Mohamed G. – Eazi-Apps Partner

“The growth is phenomenal and Eazi-Apps are very responsive and professional. We use their support a lot because we get a lot of enquiries from potential customers and we try to be very responsive. The support has been great and our customers are very happy with our apps as they can see the value they bring to their business.”

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